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Global Insight publishes economic reports with a view to attracting inward investment exclusively in The Japan Times Ė Japanís window to the world.
Whether promoting countries, sectors or high profile international events, our reports provide a comprehensive guide to the opportunities available and the incentives that exist. Global Insight features in-depth interviews with government officials, economic advisers, investment facilitators and high-ranking business people, to provide a clear and balanced view on emerging and investor-friendly economies around the world. Our surveys are published as an integral part of the newspaper, not as a separate pull-out.

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Ė Japanís most trusted and widely read English-language newspaper. With a history spanning more than 100 years, The Japan Times is Japanís leading English-language newspaper and a well-respected source of local and international news and business. As growing numbers of foreign-affiliated companies enter the Japanese market, The Japan Times is increasingly the most effective means of getting your message across to the expanding foreign market and to internationally minded Japanese readers. The Japan Times boasts a larger circulation than any other domestic English-language newspaper, and reaches by far the largest number of foreign residents Some 82% of readers reside in the business centers of Tokyo and Osaka, and about 40% of readers have an income in excess of $85,000. A similar percentage are executives or managers. Produced from an unprejudiced, cosmopolitan, practical viewpoint, The Japan Times has won the confidences of more than 200,000 opinion leaders at home and abroad. In the years to come, it will continue to offer readers a balanced picture encompassing the latest international and domestic news, original articles and outstanding critiques and editorials

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New report about Guayaquil

Guayaquil is not only an infrastructural hub, but much like in a free trade zone, companies operating in Guayaquil will benefit from tax breaks and other incentives, including lower costs in air transport of high added-value products.

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